Technical Feasibility Study

The TPF Sener consortium is responsible for producing the Technical-Operational, Economic-Financial, Environmental and Legal Feasibility Study (EVTEA-J) of Nova Ferroeste, with the purpose of analyzing the demand and evaluating the best alternative route.

TPF Engenharia is a consulting engineering company specialized in projects, consulting, management, and supervision and inspection of large-scale construction works. For more than 50 years dedicated to engineering services, TPF has completed more than 500 projects that contribute to the economic and social development of Brazil, providing its customers with effective and innovative solutions, with quality and excellence. 

Sener Setepla Tecnometal Engenharia e Sistemas S.A. is a Brazilian company with more than 50 years of experience in the consulting engineering sector. Throughout its history, Sener Setepla has stood out with its participation in major projects in Brazil in the areas of urban transportation, railroads, highways, airports, ports, architecture, water and the environment.

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The studies will be conducted through two managerial perspectives: the global management of the product and the productive management of the product. The first perspective will mediate the relationships among all parties involved in the study, and the second perspective will be responsible for coordinating the activities divided into four phases and their respective milestones.





ícones das fases do evtea-j

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