Second Market Sounding

Dialogue and transparency are guiding principles of the Nova Ferroeste project. With that in mind, conducting the Market Sounding in partnership with the Federal Government's Investment Partnership Program (PPI, in the Portuguese acronym) opens up space for listening to contributions from investors, operators, financers and other interested parties, so that there is a more dynamic interaction between the public and private initiatives.

Individual 60-minutes meetings will take place on July 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th 2022, by videoconference or in person*.


* Limited to 5 participants in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic coping measures (Decree 4230/2020 and its amendments).

2ª Sondagem de Mercado



When requesting to schedule a meeting, the requester and other participants agree that:

  • The maximum number of participants, including the applicant, in the face-to-face model will be 5 (five) people;
  • There are no limits in the number of videoconference participants; 
  • No meetings will be held without prior scheduling;
  • The meetings will be attended by technicians from the Railway Work Group, from the Investment Partnership Program (PPI, in the Portuguese acronym) of the Federal Government, from the TPF-Sener consortium and from the Institute of Economic Research Foundation (FIPE, in the Portuguese acronym). Meetings will have a maximum duration of 60 minutes;
  • If there is a request for an already reserved period, the Railway Work Group will suggest a new time to the applicant;
  • Only one meeting can be held per applicant;
  • Even if doubts are resolved during the meetings, the information exchanged will not bind any of the parties;
  • Any information provided by participants will not imply any right to indemnity, refund or compensation;
  • The confirmation, the holding of the meeting and the use of the information obtained will not be taken into account in the pre-qualification process or in the qualification of the interested party in any bidding procedure.
  • The scheduling of the Market Survey regulated here does not limit the State Government to conducting other models of market consultation, nationally or internationally.




Executive Summary


The study, developed with the support of the TPF-Sener consortium, aims to present the main results of the project's feasibility analysis, evaluating the potential cargo market and the origin and destination centers of Nova Ferroeste. Additionally, the demand for flows of goods is projected for a period of 60 years, resulting in subsidies for the development of the preliminary layout. Therefore, the technical definition of the layout of the new railway was analyzed based on three geometrically viable location alternatives. This definition sought to meet environmental requirements, as well as operational (transport cost), financial (implementation, maintenance and management), economic (costs and social benefits of the enterprise) and market (demand capture) requirements.

In addition, this study proposes solutions that aim to bring about the least possible impact on the environment, due to the fact that areas where there was no vegetation were prioritized for the implementation of the layout.


Nova Ferroeste Presentation

Notice Draft

Contract Draft

​​Executive Summary                                                  


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