Environmental Impact Study

The seriousness in the execution and commitment to the sustainable development of the West Export Corridor are reflected in the studies conducted by reliable institutions. This is the case of the Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas Foundation (Fipe), a private, non-profit organization created in 1973. One of its objectives is to support teaching and research institutions, public or private. Today, it has an outstanding performance in the areas of teaching, projects, research, and development of economic and financial indicators.

Since its foundation, Fipe has already conducted more than 2,300 projects and research for public and private sector contractors, in areas such as: public sector economics, social policies, tourism economics, and labor market, among others.

Fipe, hired by Paranacidade, has the objective of elaborating technical studies in the environmental area, since the field surveys are the basis for the EIA/RIMA.

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The Environmental Impact Study (EIA) and its Environmental Impact Report (RIMA) are multidisciplinary technical documents that assess, in a broad and complete way, the environmental impacts involved in the enterprise, while planning the mitigation, minimization, or compensation measures for the resulting actions, referring to the environmental licensing phase with Ibama.

The research activities include: use of primary (field visit) and secondary data (publications and literature), obtaining municipal consents, holding public hearings, managing to obtain prior license and inspection with the environmental agency.

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Ferroeste's due diligence aims to identify and diagnose the company's risks and opportunities, in order to add value to the privatization. The process will be done by a multidisciplinary team, involving the participation of professionals from various areas, such as administrators, economists, accountants, and lawyers.

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The valuation will estimate the company's market potential and assess Ferroeste's fair price. The studies will be carried out based on a survey and analysis of the company's economic, financial and accounting data, as well as on the establishment of demand premises, duly technically substantiated.